A few simple steps

Step 1

We start up your business account. The responsible admin gets accesses to your company page, web and app.

Step 2

Employees will receive an invitation by email with login details and all the info they need to get started.

Step 3

Upon login, you provide the Actimate app access to your activity data found in Google Fit or Apple health, depending on your phone.

Step 4

Congratulations! Your 8-week activity challenge is up! Each active minute gives 1 point. Follow the leaderboard, motivated by the team and boost each other.

Step 5

In the company feed you encourage the participants with messages, training sessions, own prizes and awards or why not a shared lunch jog.

Step 6

Follow your development and ranking in the top list. We encourage you to challenge the neighbor, the customer or why not a competitor? It gives the challenge some extra spice!

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Biggest asset to any business will be your employees. We provide your organisation with one of the coolest ways to keep your employees healthy and happy. We provide you with the tools to engage your employees.