FAQ – Administratör


A contestant does not want to participate, what should I do?

Contact us at support@actimate.se and we will assist you.

One or more participants have not yet signed in, does this affect the team score?

Each participant is included in the team’s average score, even if they have not yet signed in. No stress though, as long as data is registered by Apple Health or Google Fitness the score will be added retroactively by Actimate for the participant. To be clear, you have not lost any points but the participant needs to sign in for his or her’s score to be included in the average.

Remember that this is a team competition and that you perform together. Try to motivate everyone to join!

Is it possible to be a different amount of contestants in the teams?

Yes, since it is the average that matters in the challenge.

How do I communicate with my participants?

As an administrator you receive information required to sign in to our administrator page on our homepage https://www.actimate.se/. From there, it is possible to send messages and communicate with your company’s participants. You can, via this feature, also create your own challenges and rewards.

I can not sign in to Actimate’s homepage.

As an administrator you should be able to sign in on Actimate’s homepage. Contact us at support@actimate.se if you can not sign in and we will assist you.

Can you split the company into smaller teams?

Yes, and it is a blast!

You can follow both the company’s and the team’s progress in the app. The team’s score is an average calculated by dividing all team members score by the number of contestants in the team.

N.B. It is the company’s total average score that matters in the challenge to become Health Business of the Year. A single team inside the company can therefore not win the title. You win the title together as one company.

We would like to add a participant, what should we do?

Contact us at support@actimate.se and we will assist you.