About Actimate

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The idea was born after a lecture in 2015 on training and physical activity for employees at a larger company.

The lecture, which went fantastically well, left – despite the wonderful feeling and community afterwards – the feeling that as soon as the lecture was over, everything would very quickly return to old familiar patterns of sedentary, stress and too much coffee.

So how can you change and motivate to physical activity and exercise that really gives results, long term?

What is needed to change habitual patterns and habits?

With that as a starting point, the Health Business of the Year challenge was born with Actimate. (Acti = active, mate = mate).

How do we motivate?

We are all different and we are motivated by different triggers:


The “competition people”

These must have something / someone to challenge and preferably they want to win. We motivate these people by the possibility to win the title “Health Business of the Year”.


The “together people”

These people find the joy of participating with others. In our fitness challenge, the team is in focus. As a team you collect points and you motivate each other to more activity.


The “statistics people”

For these people our app is gold. We are collecting training data, that is presented visually as statistics. Progress can be easily tracked via graphs and visual data.


The “reward junkies”

These people need to have rewards to be motivated just a little bit extra. Perfect! Rewards in mini-format like motivational notices appear just when they are most needed to motivate you little bit further. Also, all our participants receive diplomas as well as various rewards in the form of “carrots”. Collected activity points are redeemed against offers from our partners.


With a focus on physical activity and awareness of movement and exercise, you can really change the way you feel.

We want to create a simple tool that motivates, team-builds and that creates the best conditions for employees.

We want the Health Business of the Year award to be a vital trophy to work towards.

Focus on physical activity only gives winners!