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Last changed 2024-04-12.


Who we are

Organization name: Actimate AB
VAT number: SE559083043501
Email address:


Storgatan 44
114 55 Stockholm


How we collect your data

We collect data from you when you install and use our app, either from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is integrated with Apple Health and Google Fitness, respectively, from which we only read data – never write.


What data we collect

We may collect the following data:


  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Optional image
  • Account identifier of Apple ID, Google or Facebook, if you login through them
  • Fitness and lifestyle data (either entered manually or imported from Apple Health or Google Fitness)
    • Type of activity
    • Activity duration
    • Distance (if any)
    • Number of steps (if any)


The fitness and lifestyle data is accumulated per day before it is sent to Actimate. No activity timestamps, body sensor data nor geographic data is collected. This means that Actimate can see how many minutes/meters/steps you are active per day, but NOT what time of the day, what geographic location nor information about your body or health condition.


How your data is stored

We store your data in private servers owned by Upcloud, a company in Finland. Upcloud does only maintain the hardware – they do NOT have access to the software or any data on the servers.

Your email address is also stored in the authentication service Firebase, owned by Google. If you sign in through Apple ID, Google or Facebook, Firebase might also collect you first and last name together with an account identifier from the either Apple ID, Google or Facebook. Firebase keep their data in Google Cloud in Ireland.


How your data is protected

We protect your data with the zero-trust principle.

  • Our servers communicate over a private network.
  • Our application servers are protected by a Level 3 firewall, only accepting public traffic on port 80 (HTTP, which is immediately redirect to HTTPS) and port 443 (HTTPS).
  • All HTTPS traffic is encrypted with TLS 1.2 or higher.
  • Our database servers are also protected by a Level 3 firewall, only accepting traffic from the private network.
  • Communication with the database requires a valid username and password, despite the private network.
  • Only our developers can sign in to our servers, which requires key-based authentication over secure shell (SSH) from their static IP address.
  • All other access is blocked and logged.
  • Any backups are encrypted and kept within the private network.


What we use your data for

Your data is used to calculate scores (which is the number of minutes you have been active) for you, your team and/or your organization. The score is used in competitions where you, your team or your organization is participating.

Your data is also used to authenticate your account in either our app or our web portal.


Who we share your data with

We do NOT share your data with any other party, except your authentication data which is kept by Firebase.

However, parts of your data is visible to other users in your team and/or organization. This data is:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your image (if any)
  • Your score (calculated by the duration of your activities)


For how long we keep your data

We keep your data until you manually delete your account, whereupon all your data is permanently deleted. We might keep anonymous statistics, which can not in any way be associated with you, your team nor your organization.